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Centralized End-To-End

Physical Security Incident Management

Serenity Security helps companies centralize physical security incident reporting, streamline the investigation process, and improve the security of companies' physical workplaces.

Digitize Incident Reporting

Streamline the physical security incident reporting process across theft, vandalism, natural disasters, unauthorized access, internal system failures, and more, allowing employees to capture their reports in seconds on any device. With the ability to document evidence and gather required data points for each report, your employees can quickly create comprehensive incident reports helping to speed assessment and response times when it matters most.

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Streamline Investigations and Root Cause Analyses

Reduce the likelihood of future incidents by performing an investigation and causal analysis to find the root cause of the incident. Gather witness accounts, arrange interviews, and collect information with detailed investigation management tools. Generate mitigation strategies to reduce the risk of recurrence in the future by developing corrective action plans that address the root of the problem.

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Continuously Improve The Security of Physical Workplaces

Digitize physical security incident reporting and access meaningful insights. Reporting dashboards update automatically, allowing analysts to track their progress and identify areas for improvement in real time. Leverage the power of reporting and analytics to enable continuous improvements to the end-to-end physical security incident management process.

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Built On ServiceNow.

Serenity is built and certified on the ServiceNow platform, the industry's leading cloud-based workflow automation technology. By harnessing ServiceNow's infrastructure, Serenity ensures its operational workflows are at the forefront of efficiency, scalability, and security, enabling us to deliver amazing experiences for customers of all shapes and sizes.