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Unmatched Operational Management Workflows for the Energy, Oil, & Gas Industry

The energy, oil, and gas industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Whether involved in the transmission, generation, or distribution of power and gas, your management teams will face many unique challenges. The complexities can range from complying with strict health and safety procedures to managing service quality throughout your supply chain.

Take Control of Your Energy, Oil, & Gas Workflows with Serenity

Serenity helps companies achieve operational excellence with solutions that optimize processes, maximize efficiency, and improve data visibility. Our software is natively built on ServiceNow, enabling companies to integrate operational workflows into their business on a trusted platform.

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The Operational Workflow Solution for Your Energy, Oil, & Gas Business

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Serenity EHS

Helps companies improve their EHS incident reporting, streamline incident investigation and response, and prevent future incidents.

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Serenity Security

Helps companies centralize physical security incident reporting, streamline the investigation process, and improve the security of companies' physical workplaces.

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Serenity Inspection

Helps teams quickly identify problems and effortlessly generate actions to correct them, enabling your employees to continuously monitor and improve operations while reducing risk across the organization.

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Serenity Risk

Helps companies create a consolidated view of operational risk and compliance activities, increase productivity, achieve real-time visibility, and reduce the likelihood and impact of unplanned disruptions.

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