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EHS Incident

Streamline incident reporting, investigation, and response with our EHS Incident Management software. Ensure a safer workplace, comply with regulations, and boost productivity.

Generative AI

Harness the Power of AI for Enhanced Incident Efficiency

Unlock contextual recommendations for effective corrective and preventive actions with Serenity AI.

Beautiful Analytics and Reporting

Elevate workplace safety with captivating analytics and insightful reporting. Our visually stunning tools enhance safety measures for a more secure and productive work environment.
Advanced visualization options, turning complex data into understandable insights through interactive charts and graphs.
Real-time data insights, the engine ensures up-to-the-minute information availability, enhancing agility in decision-making.
Configurable and customizable, reporting engine enables tailored reports that align with an organization's unique needs and operational context.

Built On ServiceNow.

Serenity is built and certified on the ServiceNow platform, the industry's leading cloud-based workflow automation technology. By harnessing ServiceNow's infrastructure, Serenity ensures its operational workflows are at the forefront of efficiency, scalability, and security, enabling us to deliver amazing experiences for customers of all shapes and sizes.