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EHS Incident

Streamline incident reporting, investigation, and response with our EHS Incident Management software. Mitigate employee injuries, elevate engagement, safeguard brand reputation, and boost operational efficiency.

Streamlined Incident Reporting & Tracking

Comprehensive EHS Incident Management for any incident.
Personal Injury
Property Damage
Vehicle Incidents
Product Defects
Near Misses
Hazard Observations

Enhanced Investigation

Streamline the identification of non-conformances, uncover opportunities for improvement, and facilitate the creation of targeted corrective and preventive action plans.

Leverage detailed "5 Why" root cause analysis for deeper incident investigation and proactive risk mitigation.

Optimize workflows and enhance decision-making through streamlined tracking of changes, progress, and results.

Improved Incident Response with Serenity AI

Generate preventive and corrective context-aware remediation plans. These plans are tailored to your needs, ensuring targeted and efficient solutions for any incident.

Transform Data Into Action

Optimize Your EHS Reporting
Streamlined Compliance
Automate compliance and document management, including OSHA and RIDDOR forms, with one-click electronic submissions and seamless OSHA integration.
Enhanced Audit Preparedness
Leverage dashboard insights for corrective actions and risk assessments. Share these insights across sites to enrich collective understanding and improve audit outcomes with regulators.
Customized Reporting for Every Role
Tailored insights for all, from incident reports for Safety Managers to strategic summaries for Executive Leadership, fostering a culture of safety and compliance.
Advanced Filters
Elevate data analysis through precise segmentation across multiple dimensions like location, structure, process, and demographics. Unlock insights with pre-configured safety metrics and dashboards, such as TCR, DART rate, TRIR, and more.

Explore Incident Use Cases by Industry

Discover the diverse applications of EHS Incident Management across high-hazard industries.
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Protect employees and maintain seamless production lines in hazardous environments that involve exposure to heavy machinery, loud noises, chemicals/fumes, etc. Utilize AI analysis and real-time alerts to implement preventive measures to prevent costly EHS events that cause downtime.
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Oil & Gas
Ensure seamless operations and safety by integrating our advanced monitoring and alert systems. Proactively prevent incidents such as exposure to toxic chemicals, fires, explosions, and the impacts of severe weather. Maintain high safety standards and operational continuity.
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Enhance construction site safety by targeting critical areas such as falls, struck-by incidents, and trench collapses. Use data analytics for fall prevention, real-time alerts for hazard awareness across sites, and pattern analysis for trench safety, thus reducing OSHA recordables. Meet strict deadlines and margins while prioritizing workforce safety.
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Rail & Transportation
Integrate incident tracking and analytics to pinpoint at-risk behavior and mitigate contributing risk factors. Use predictive maintenance alerts and task management for upgrades to reduce and prevent catastrophic events that impact employees, communities, and the environment.
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Address slip-and-fall accidents with incident analysis capabilities to identify where frequent falls are occurring. Implement timely floor cleaning and mat placements with Serenity's automated alert system to reduce accidents and liability claims, and improve customer safety.
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Identify key staff injury causes such as manual patient lifting using incident tracking and analysis. Follow AI-driven recommendations to adopt mechanical lift aids and staff training programs. Achieve significant reductions in staff injuries, improve patient care, and uphold accreditations and certifications from the Joint Commission.
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Manage laboratory safety across science departments. Utilize incident logging and analytics to reveal patterns in hazardous exposures. Adopt AI-recommended protocols to decrease the severity and likelihood of lab safety-related events.

Built On ServiceNow.

Serenity is built and certified on the ServiceNow platform, the industry's leading cloud-based workflow automation technology. By harnessing ServiceNow's infrastructure, Serenity ensures its operational workflows are at the forefront of efficiency, scalability, and security, enabling us to deliver amazing experiences for customers of all shapes and sizes.