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Occupational Health Management Workflows

All-in-one Occupational Health Management (OHM) solution with Employee Health Record (EHR) tracking leads to improved employee health, reduced absenteeism, increased compliance, streamlined workflows, and ultimately a healthier, more productive workforce.

Manage Employee Health Records with Ease and Efficiency

With our system, you can easily track critical employee information such as medications, allergies, vaccinations, and immunizations, all in one place. This comprehensive record-keeping system allows you to easily access and update important employee data, ensuring that you are always providing the highest quality of care.

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Improve Employee Health, Compliance, and Productivity

Robust OHM workflows that allow you to track all aspects of your program, from clinic visits to medical examinations, case management, and return to work processes, including away from work, job restriction, and job transfer.

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Built On ServiceNow.

Serenity is built and certified on the ServiceNow platform, the industry's leading cloud-based workflow automation technology. By harnessing ServiceNow's infrastructure, Serenity ensures its operational workflows are at the forefront of efficiency, scalability, and security, enabling us to deliver amazing experiences for customers of all shapes and sizes.