Inspection and Audit

The Serenity EHS Audit and Inspection Application is designed to help EHS teams manage all aspects of their Inspection and Audit Programs. Serenity EHS users are able to  conduct anything from an Inspection on a piece of equipment or asset, to coordinating a system wide Audit. Serenity EHS gives you complete control and visibility into where continuous improvement can be made, where operational and regulatory risk can be mitigated, and compliance maintained.

Supported by the Serenity EHS Console and Mobile Agent App, end users can conduct their Audit/Inspection from any mobile device, with offline support. End users effortlessly capture information in real time as they complete questionnaires, attach pictures, take video and document any findings.

The Serenity Inspection & Audit Application is fully scoped for the ServiceNow platform. EHS teams can quickly deploy and integrate with existing Service Now investments such as IT Service Management, HR Service Delivery, and Integrated Risk Management GRC with complete confidence and conflict free.

Our Inspection & Audit application is part of Serenity’s overarching approach to help organizations meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals aligned to global standards.

Inspection and Audit is available as a service, enabling customers to easily adopt the solution without needing to implement any new infrastructure or hire and train additional resources.