How to Select the Right EHS Management System for Your Business: A Guide by Serenity

March 1, 2024
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Streamlined EHS Systems vs. Enterprise EHS Systems: Finding the Best Fit for Your Business

Choosing the right Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management system is a crucial decision for any business, big or small. Each type of system, from the comprehensive enterprise EHS systems to more streamlined solutions, offers unique benefits tailored to different business needs. In this article, we'll explore both types of EHS management systems offered by Serenity, providing the insight needed to select the EHS solution that best aligns with your organization's size, resources, and EHS maturity. 

Understanding Enterprise and Streamlined EHS Systems

Enterprise EHS management systems, such as Serenity’s EHS Incident Management solution on the ServiceNow platform, are recognized for their comprehensive capabilities, catering to the intricate needs of large multinational corporations and companies in complex sectors like manufacturing and energy, oil, and gas. These robust systems provide extensive features for managing workplace incidents, risk, and compliance, especially across multiple jurisdictions. Their scalability and customization options allow them to grow and adapt with a company, meeting diverse operational needs and international standards.

In contrast, streamlined EHS management systems, like Serenity Ascend, are tailored for mid-market companies. These systems focus on essential EHS functionalities, eliminating the complexities of larger systems. With features like pre-configured setups for immediate use and intuitive interfaces, they are user-friendly and minimize the need for extensive IT involvement. Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing business processes, they suit smaller businesses or those with simpler operations. Their scalability ensures they can adapt to a company's growth without significant investment, offering a flexible and resource-efficient EHS management option.

Both enterprise and streamlined EHS systems have distinct advantages, catering to different organizational sizes and complexities.Understanding their unique features and capabilities is key to selecting the right EHS management approach for your business.

Serenity Ascend vs. Serenity Enterprise

Here are the main differences between Serenity’s two EHS management approaches and how they compare in critical areas:

Implementation and Ease of Use

Customization and Flexibility

Scalability and Growth

Cost and Resource Implications

When comparing Serenity Enterprise with Serenity Ascend, it's clear that each has its place depending on the company's size, EHS maturity level, and resource availability. The choice between these solutions depends on a company's specific needs, growth trajectory, and the complexity of its EHS requirements.

Making the Right Choice for Your Company

Making an informed decision between an enterprise EHS management system and a streamlined EHS management system involves carefully assessing various factors specific to your company. Here's a deeper dive into what to consider and how Serenity can provide you with a solution:

Company Size and Existing EHS Infrastructure

Resource Availability and EHS Management Maturity

Alignment with Growth Trajectory and Operational Needs

Choosing the right EHS system is a decision that hinges on your company's unique needs, size, and growth trajectory. While both options have their strengths, the best choice aligns seamlessly with your operational requirements and EHS goals, ensuring a path to operational excellence in your EHS practices. Whether it is streamlined or enterprise, Serenity will work with you to provide the perfect EHS solution for your business. Take the first step towards a safer, more compliant future: Contact Serenity now to schedule your personalized demo.