Sustainability Metrics


The Serenity EHS Sustainability/Metrics module enables organizations to standardize and streamline the tracking of any key EHS sustainability metric and map them to performance benchmarks, corporate or regulatory thresholds/limits, including but not limited to Air Emissions, Waste, Water, and other corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Serenity EHS Sustainability Metrics, allows users to effortlessly schedule the collection of key EHS Sustainability Metric for a single site or across a global enterprise with hundreds of locations.


Organizations around the world are under ever mounting pressure to maintain regulatory compliance as it relates to the environmental and social impact their operations have on the communities around them. Realtime access to Sustainability Performance Metrics helps keep EHS teams on point as they work to achieve their EHS Sustainability goals.


The Serenity EHS Sustainability/Metric can also be configured to support the reporting of key Sustainability frameworks like CDP, DJSI, GRI etc.

Serenity EHS Sustainability/Metric Module is fully scoped for the ServiceNow platform. EHS teams can quickly deploy and integrate with existing Service Now investments such as IT Service Management, HR Service Deliver, and Integrated Risk Management GRC with complete confidence and conflict free.


Sustainability Metrics is available as a service, enabling customers to easily adopt the solution without needing to implement any new infrastructure or hire and train additional resources.