Risk Management


Risk is always changing and evolving as organizations grow, enter new markets, welcome new partners, or introduce new products or services to their customer community. Organizations who are tracking Risk Data using manual tools such as spreadsheets and or paper, can create silos of information and data quality issues across EHS teams. These silos of information can lead to poor visibility into critical and timely information at a site level and or corporate level. The lack of real-time visibility into key risk indicators presents a huge challenge for EHS teams today who are under immense pressure from a regulatory bodies and internal operational demands.


The Serenity EHS Risk Management module is designed to help EHS teams manage all aspects of operational & EHS risk across the enterprise. Fully Integrated into the entire suite of modules, Serenity EHS Risk Management stores all critical information related to Jobs, Processes, or other Hazards in a centralized manner. EHS teams are able to quickly and consistently prioritize where the greatest risk exists and allocate resources to those areas that need it most. EHS teams are able to manage risk with consistency across all sites that share the similar hazards. Once risk is effectively mitigated at one site, Serenity EHS helps EHS teams apply similar changes to other sites without having to conduct a redundant Risk Assessment consuming costly and precious resources.


Users have the ability to schedule the frequency for assessing different risks, assign assessments and tasks to user roles, identify and add new hazards to the centralized Risk Registry, generate notifications if risk thresholds are exceeded and support templated Corrective/Preventative action plans based on evidence and best practices.


Serenity EHS Risk Management Module is fully scoped for the ServiceNow platform. EHS teams can quickly deploy and integrate with existing Service Now investments such as IT Service Management, HR Service Deliver, and Integrated Risk Management GRC with complete confidence and conflict free.


Risk Management is available as a service, enabling customers to easily adopt the solution without needing to implement any new infrastructure or hire and train additional resources.